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I've played a little bit of this and it's good so far, could do with a little more atmospheric music, see Ecstatica for an example.
Are you still making games or working on this?


thanks for commenting and I'm glad you enjoyed playing it. I'm still working on games and i will be releasing some asap things have been a bit crazy so looking forward to releasing some projects.

Thanks for replying Jonnie, I'm glad you're still working on games.
If you have time would you ever consider making a game which is kind of like Ecstatica?
I don't know if you've played it but it was ahead of it's time in my opinion!
I do prefer the day light setting then the night time setting tbh, also not many survival horror games are based on legends such as the werewolf, trolls, Minitour, dragon...etc with a mix of Arthurian legends.
if you made such a game I would purchase it to help you out on your next projects.


thanks for the advice bad wolf and sorry for the late reply, I will definitely take your advice into consideration making future games, a well lit horror with an Arthurian theme sounds like a great idea.

 I've never played Ecstatica but it looks awesomely retro! my kind of thing.

also please feel free check out my other projects if you haven't already.

I appreciate you taking your time commenting :)


Yep. This is good man! I love the nostalgic feeling in it and I have blast with this game! The monsters manage to spook many time as I walk through the town. it was interesting lets play I been doing for awhile. Keep up the good work!!!

love from Malaysia.


Definitely spooky, the monsters were a bit samey, but it was also short, and the taller enemies (below) were different enough that it didn't feel like a one spook pony. Very good PS1 styled horror and one that hopefully can reach a "full release" some time.

what engine did you use to make this game?

Thanks for Playing, Unity :)


Really creepy game. You did a great job at making it feel like the classic survivor games like Silent Hill. Keep up the great work! 

you're awesome! thanks alot for the positive feedback.


Good game, but i have some problems with the cameras.

Thanks so much, I'm currently working on updating the cameras and putting controls on the main screen. Clint appreciates you!

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great jobs

thankyou so much! Clint humbly respects you